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Beijing Aquaponics Workshop Followup and Round II Event Announcement

June 27, 2013

Aquaponics Workshop Followup

Last month’s aquaponics workshop went very well. Following the event, I set up the Beijing Aquaponics Google Group for interested individuals to give one another feedback. As I stated at the event, I am in no way an expert on aquaponics, I simply was hoping to use the workshop to connect like-minded individuals and provide a platform for others to discover urban gardening more efficiently than I did. We ran into some early issues with some peoples’ fish dying early, and other peoples’ holes not draining the growbed rapidly enough. Overall though, I believe that it was a fun time. Fortunately, Nestor Santana, an attendee, wrote a blog post on the event. Later, David Li, of Shanghai Aquaponics and Xinchejian (a Chinese hackerspace), published a post on the event as well. It’s great to hear others’ enthusiasm for aquaponics.
Photos from the workshop, courtesy of Alvin Lin, Alex Ewing and Jack Marzulli, are available here and in the slideshow below.

I am happy to say that I will host Beijing Aquaponics Round II Sunday, July 7 — unfortunately, this will be the last aquaponics event I will host in Beijing for an extended period of time. The general structure of the event will mirror the first, 30 minute presentation, 30 minute build session, and 15 minute wrap up discussion. Email me at timquijano at gmail if you’d like to RSVP. The full workshop description (same as the first) is below.

–Build your own desktop aquaponics herb garden–


I will be giving a short presentation on the basics of aquaponics to a small group, then commencing to assist participants in building their own systems. Participants’ systems will include the following items:
  • ikea samla box and insert (fish tank and grow bed, respectively)
  • grow bed media (expanded clay pellets)
  • piping
  • water pump
  • electric timer
  • tomato and basil seeds
  • fish food
Two aquaponics systems

Two IKEA Samla aquaponics systems

Why aquaponics?

In addition to the environmental benefits of reduced pesticide use and water consumption, aquaponics is a great solution for urban gardeners because it uses space efficiently, requires minimal effort once setup, and grows food very rapidly. For more on the benefits of aquaponics, see the brief reading list below.

How to RSVP

If you’d like to participate, please email me at timquijano {at} gmail to RSVP by FRIDAY JULY 5 to arrange your aquaponics equipment. Please be aware that there will be limited space available (12 systems), so it will be advantageous to reserve a spot early. Those interested may attend as observers for free (without building a system).


  • Time: july 7 from 14:00-16:00
  • Cost: 200rmb (to cover the cost of the materials)
  • Location: 小萍 (XP) 北京西城区地安门西大街 地安门十字路口西南角 “秋栗香”后, Di’anmen Xi Dajie (southwest of the Di’anmen intersection, behind the Qiulixiang chestnut store)
  • Venue Phone: 6406-9947
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