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Donate to Greening the Beige by Writing a Review for Localnoodles

May 24, 2011

This post originally appeared on Greening the Beige.

Localnoodles is a reader review website through which users can rate and review Beijing restaurants, bars and other venues. Localnoodles recently introduced the “Write to Give” initiative, which contributes a donation to your choice of a group of six organizations carrying out sustainable development work in China. These organizations run projects dealing with environmental advocacy, microfinance, women’s and children’s issues and public health. Users are now able to contribute to Greening the Beige, under the 51Give project, through “Write to Give.”

To donate to Greening the Beige through this platform, users must fill out a short sign-up form and write a review of at least 150 words. Localnoodles will donate 8 RMB to your choice of six organizations per review; however, the donation amount is liable to increase as Localnoodles receives more sponsors. Write to Give has raised over 9,000 RMB for the charities since its start in February 2011. Help Localnoodles and Greening the Beige by spreading the word about this initiative.

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