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Motoring in, and Pedaling out

March 22, 2011
Pedicab drivers distracting themselves from boredom with cell phones

Pedicab drivers outside of the Drum Tower in Beijing. Photo by Tim Quijano.

Beginning with the lawsuit brought upon the New York City Department of Transportation by residents of the Brooklyn neighborhood suing over the installation of a bike lane that turned a three lane road into a two lane street, there has been a lot internet chatter in the past couple of weeks on bike lanes. Most notably, there have been John Cassidy from The New Yorker who doesn’t acknowledge that the automobile is the most subsidized mode of personal transportation in the US, a slew of people that have criticized him as well as Evan Osnos who used the opportunity to display the types of bike lanes in Beijing. I will use the opportunity to share something of mine.


About 15 months ago, I was just finishing my Qualifying Paper, the thesis for people that participate in the International Studies program at the University of Washington. I spent a lot of time on the paper, as it was a topic that I am very interested in on a personal as well as an academic level, and thus, it turned out being about twice the required length. After I finished it and turned it in to the Jackson School of International Studies office, they called me in to pick it up. I had a very awkward conversation with an advisor, Jim Donnen, as I didn’t want to take it back. I didn’t like the feeling that was washing over me as I realized that my close friends and my family members were probably going to be the only other people that would read what I had put so much work into. Aside from a very helpful revision from Professor Scott Montgomery, it has since sat inactive on my computer since.

I’ve posted it below to ease my stress and in the hopes that someone will benefit from it. Let me know if you have any reactions, good or bad.

You should be able able to view and download the PDF document above, otherwise, try this link.

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