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Janpan should not be a country

January 13, 2011

I wanted to see some political views from my students, so I gave them the prompt below, hoping that they would use some sort of facts to support themselves, but they didn’t.  Here is an example.  All errors are left as I received them.

Prompt: _________(Choose a place) should/should not be an independent country.

Janpan is small. There are only 4 islands of it. The biggest island Benzhou is only 24 thousand km2, but almost three forth of Janpanese live there. Because it is small, it has little resource, with the growing of population, maybe it can afford so many people. Not enough food makes a boy problem. Janpan has complex topography, too. The earthquake, volcano, seismic sea wave often happen in Janpan. The earthquke attracts Janpan many times every year. Forthat, Janpan may not be a good place for human beings to live.

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