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The Ridiculous City Management

January 8, 2011

The ridiculous City Management, originally uploaded by timquijano.

The white truck is the property of the the notorious City Management (城管). This photo was taken at the main gate of Guangxi University where every evening a sea of vendors fill the entrance selling small snacks and fruit. At their whim, the City Management comes around in their trucks honk and shine their brights at the vendors forcing them to leave. I was lucky to see this conflict arise infront of me. The orange vendor was busy with a deal when the City officer arrived to his tricycle, so what did the officer do, you ask? He did what just about any Chinese person would do, lay on the horn until he got his way. After a couple of minutes of this, he got out (in the teal shirt, face obstructed by the pole sticking up from the vendor’s tricycle) and started yelling at the vedor (in the blue shirt, starting to pull away his trike).

There is a relevant Danwei article on the subject (sorry to those in China without a VPN, Danwei is blocked in China).

Something else that is interesting to notice is that most of of the vendors in this area power their lights with car batteries. You can see the car battery with the price board resting on it.

I have recently finished teaching for the semester, so I have had time to compile, organize, edit, and upload photos to my Flickr site.

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