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Interesting example sentence from my Chinese book

November 5, 2010

While studying today, a certain example sentence made me laugh in the weird, uncomfortable way as I often do when facsinated by the strange story of modern Chinese history.

43.职业 (名)zhi2ye4 occupation,profession,vocation。<<文化大革命>>期间,人们都看不起教师这种职业

First, is an explanation of the definition, the we have the example sentence in question.  “During ‘the Cultural Revolution’, people all looked down upon teachers, this type of profession.”

For those unfamiliar with the history, the Chinese people paraded teachers and other members of the intellectual class through the city to publicly shame them, during the Cultural Revolution.  Many were killed.  This, of course, was done in the name of revolution for a more equal society.

This definition is on page 83 of 博雅汉语,中级班,第二册。

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