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Shiguobanfan or Bibimbap outside HeiDa in Haerbin

July 29, 2010

Shiguobanfan, 石锅拌饭 or Bibimbap outside HeiDa in Haerbin, originally uploaded by timquijano.

This dish ($1) consists of rice on the bottom. Then there are pickled vegetables, a red pepper sauce and a fried egg with sesame seeds on top. The dish is always served in a iron pot as the dish is put directly onto the grill before being served to heat up and dry out the rice for a unique taste. When you bring it back to your table, the dish is still crackling from the heat.
This is a Korean dish, that is very popular in China, particularly in areas of North Eastern China where there are many Korean immigrants.
From Baidu’s (Chinese website similar to wikipedia/google) page on the dish:
Eating bibimbap in Korea is characterized by love. Lovers Point bibimbap with a restaurant, the men must first mix for the girlfriend of a good bibimbap; if his girlfriend can not eat food up, with men have to eat the remaining rice completely clean, to represent the love of his girlfriend.

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