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frontline: the medicated child

January 25, 2010

this frontline analyzes the increasing rate at which americans have been prescribing drugs to their children for perceived social disorders and resulting the side effects (twitches, depression, suicide etc.) the show demonstrates that only now are physicians realizing that drugs often have completely different effects on children than they do on adults. it also suggests that the prescribing of drugs is often guess work, and that the side effects of one drug are often treated by adding a new prescription which often results in a vicious cycle. some of the kids in the episode were taking EIGHT prescriptions-i couldn’t help but think that these doctors must be getting rich at the expense of these (extremely depressed/depressing) families.

i think our society has an incredible faith in the power of prescription drugs, but the truth is that we know so little about so many of the things that we put into our bodies such as prescription drugs, genetically modified foods, words that defy any reasonable spelling system on that bag of processed foods. i don’t want to be part of this chemistry experiment.

this episode is available online at the frontline website. (4/5)

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