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frontline: sick around the world (2008)

January 22, 2010

this frontline documentary analyzes and compares the health systems of the uk, japan, germany, taiwan and switzerland with an understanding of the problems of the us system. the film emphasizes that american fears of socialism prevent the establishment of a competent health care system, and that perhaps health care should be a right just like the rights to vote and be represented fairly in court. and that a free market health care system may be insufficient for a substantial portion of the population. the narrator ends with three ideas:

  1. insurance companies must accept everyone and can’t make a profit on basic care
  2. everyone must buy insurance (gov’t pays for the poor)
  3. doctors and hospitals must accept a standardized set of fixed prices

“for veterans, health care is like england’s public system, nhs. seniors on medicare, we’re taiwan. for working americans on insurance, we’re germany. and for the tens of millions without health insurance, we’re just another poor country. but almost all of us can agree that this fragmented health care mess can not be ignored. the longer we leave it, the sicker it becomes, and the more expensive the cure. (5/5)

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