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atanarjuat: the fast runner (2001)

January 16, 2010

this movie was very difficult to follow. nonetheless, i tend to jump on any media that discusses native american culture because i find so little. it is an interpretation of an ancient inuit legend, so it gets at some of the values of the society. i was surprised at how amature the production was, as it won many awards (golden camera at canne’s, best canadian at toronto etc.)

a random thought that occured to me while watching the movie: damn, it would be tough to live without fruits and vegetables. think about that for a minute. (3/5)

the only other native american movies i’ve seen are nanook of the north (1922) about inuit which was pretty bad and in the land of the head hunters (1914), which although the title is extremely disrespectful (it was probably chosen to get more white people to watch it) is actually somewhat enlightening. it was produced by edward s. curtis, an early non-academic anthropologist for want of a better term, whose story in and of itself is pretty interesting.

edward curtis photo of kwakwaka’wakw dancers and singers.

if you have any native american film recommendations, please send them my way.

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