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rising consumption patterns of developing nations and environmental vegetarianism

December 24, 2009

economic advancement in rising developing nations and the accompanying increasing resource consumption will, among other results, enact detrimental environmental consequences. the graph below demonstrates that rising economic development brings increased animal product food resource consumption. producing animal food products requires more energy, land and water use. also, industrial mechanized farming techinques, common in the developed world, open the compost loop by replacing human and animal waste with petroleum-based fertilizer. this movement creates massive amounts of animal (and human waste, which we should really refer to as fertilizer) increased dependence on oil and human consumption of trace amounts of oil.

The rising rates of consumption will put increased strain on natural resources and in general contribute to increased environmental degradation.

this situation, in my opinion, is the strongest case for veganism.

to draw this in with the thesis of my qualifying paper: westerners, in general, and americans, in specific, have created a model for economic development. this century will see brazil, russia, india and china rise to western consumption levels-enacting many environmental consequences. unfortunately, these nations are following the path of least resistance.

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