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i should get new friends or something

December 10, 2008

here is a selection of text messages that i have received recently: 
“i am going to vomit into a plastic bag and feed you with a rusty spoon that came out of a dead goats butt”
“i drank so much tea that im pretty sure my pee is tea”
“fuck!!! i am going to die i hate mr deblois!”
“i hate you!”
“want to go dumpster diving this week?”
“my stomach hurts so bad im going to poop on you the next time i see you”
“freaks tod browning taxidermia festen santa sangre”
“whats the damn deal? on the real watcha heard?”
“i hope you have diarrhea too.”
all about me:
“silly girl.” 
“big gay man!”
“le hipster”

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  1. frances permalink
    December 16, 2008 14:08


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