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bikes + hip hop = ?

August 29, 2008

car culture’s impending transition from the glue that holds all american socioeconomic sectors together to the convenient privilege of the bourgeoisie will be realized in a number of manners. bus ridership is up, slut ridership is up and more bikes are out. as such bikes will move from being a subculture to a legitimate form of transportation for those who can not afford five dollar a gallon gas prices. one new path of bike culture is hip hop.

the scraper bike is the first and most successful interpretation of bike culture in hip hop. the group sees bikes as a means through which to reorient poor oakland youth by introducing them to a creative hobby-bike building-through a non-profit they established.

akwid clowns on ruff ryders’sinfatuation with motorcycles in their jamas imagine. this is just silly.

trinidadian and guyanese immigrants in new york personalize their bikes with stereos to keep the ride interesting.

a common thread runs through the appropriation of bike culture in new subcultures-one of the poor debunking historical bike imagery and replacing it with their unique and fresh style whether it be hyphy, chicano or trinidadian. currently this may manifest itself in taking the privileges of car-oriented luxuries: rims, girls,stereos. but with increased ridership and a generation that is particularly keen on developing a sense of personal individuality through possessions, the rate of diversification of bike culture will explode in the next few years.

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