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our generation

May 18, 2008

the area code

we will be remembered for being weightist and ageist.

things younger than john mccain (via frances via the slog) acknowledges the ageism present in clowning on mccain’s geezerdom, but the physical degradation of the human brain at this time of human age. remember when your grandparents started bible thumping?

mine are still hooked on tbn.

my grandma blesses me every-time i leave town. i wish i was joking. they, in the great judgement of their old age, gave jimmy swaggart, the baton rouge televangelist, money to spend on his hoes.

the irrationality of this country has blinded us to the capitalistic profiteering going on behind the doors of these churches (and the lenses of tbn’s cameras) of these robber baron preachers. these churches have profited from the non-profit (income) tax exemption status available to churches. simply businesses, these organizations use the supposed spirituality of their preaching to disguise questionable money-making strategies. churches should be taxed like what they are, theatrical organizations.

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