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shit i’m diggin’

May 11, 2008


birds in flight – see ratatat’s “cherry” at 2:49 and phillip bloom’s “3 days in april” at 00:17


eating: cereal (see photo below) bought at 10a when i decided not to go to chinese, done at 10p while watching adrei rublev. more restaurant reviews soon.


wacky bikes
swing bikes: these bikes were created for three years in the 1970s before a few small companies caught onto their cult status and began to manufacture them in 2003, albeit in very limited numbers. the hinge below the seat that allows the rear wheel to “swing out” and travel on a different plane than the front wheel.

penny farthings:

max wilson’s “walking bike”


ben wilson’s monowheel


babes on bikes:


good lighting


lichtenstein quotes

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  1. May 12, 2008 15:14

    i want a shoe bike instead. have that done for me tomorrow okay? great.

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