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glo’s in capitol hill

April 28, 2008

the sunday brunch excursion that began as nice weather hit seattle has brought the crew to one of the more hyped spots in the city-glo’s (4). the wait was long yes, the wait was long, but don’t lie-we all know lines outside of a restaurant contribute to your sense of that establishments legitimacy. it works for thai tom’s. 

this is one of those places that works to present home-style breakfast in a more creative light. some of the methods they do this are questionable-the creepy picture of the elderly former owner. frances got the salmon eggs benedict, this was delicious. she was finished almost immediately. liz had biscuits and gravy-not recommended. i ordered the huevos rancheros. it was real good-jalapenos and olives and shit on top of a few eggs on top of a tortilla. every dish comes with a side of pretty standard hashbrowns-they’ve got nothing on the portage bay cafe‘s potatoes-and a slice of grapefruit, one of the most underrated fruits. it seems they are best at their egg dishes, especially eggs bendict (some say the best in seattle). the further you stray from this, the more likely you are to regret staying for through the wait. vegans probably want to go somewhere else.

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