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biking in seattle

April 24, 2008

biking in seattle is not enjoyable because of poor infrastructure-not uncongenial drivers or bad weather. it has taken me over a year to adapt to the extent to which seattle drivers will yield to bikers and pedestrians-every interaction excluding intersections with a stop light. nowhere else have i witnessed such a phenomenon. nevertheless, lack of adequate bike stands, trails and lanes has provided for a dangerous and difficult biking experience, in effect causing many to leave the bike at home and take the car.

“bike there” petition

a group has written a petition to google asking them to include a “bike there” option on google maps, which would hopefully get more cyclists on the road. this is following there take public transit option that they already succeeded on. please sign, whether or not you know how to ride a bike. yes frances, i am speaking to you.

us census urban bike-ability ranking

the us census ranked cities on their bike friendliness as part of their american community survey.

city (% of commuters that bike)

  1. portland (3.5)
  2. minneapolis (2.4)
  3. seattle (2.3)
  4. tucson (2.2)
  5. san francisco: (1.8)
  6. sacramento: (1.8)
  7. washington dc (1.7)
  8. oakland (1.5)
  9. honolulu (1.4)
  10. denver (1.4)

ghost cycles

ghost cycle

ghost cycles is the seattle branch of a guerrilla street art collective that seeks to promote awareness of the dangers resulting when drivers do not look to share the road. they do so by painting bikes white and locking them in areas where bikers have been involved with accidents.

ghostcycles on flickr

critical mass

critical mass

tomorrow, hundreds of bicyclists will meet at westlake center to promote biker awareness by biking through the city, effectively shutting down driving in selected roads downtown. come out every last friday of the month. last time i went, we rode from pioneer square to fremont on the alaskan way viaduct.

seattle critical mass

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