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this world’s just not real to me

April 23, 2008

concept artists oscar tuazon and eli hansen, brothers from tacoma, spoke at the opening of their most recent exhibition at the howard house in pioneer square this weekend. it is easy to take their work only at face value, shrugging it off as a fad, simply an example of the diy aesthetic that seems to have taken hold of many high art circles. this is what i did as i walked in the doors. but after they came out to address the small group that had assembled, i realized that i was mistaken to label them as in over their heads. the two artists, both in their late twenties, exhibit a unique and prototypically northwestern exuberance. their exhibit is a collection of pieces found in or created as a result of previous, seemingly happenstance, experiences. these pieces communicate their relation to their surrounding and the emotion this relation stirs within them, be it one of awe, disillusion or alienation.


solar fist

Solar Fist
hot and cold formed glass, steel fiberglass, plexiglass, high-heat tape
20″ x 35″ x 35″ť


disillusion (see below)

homebrew bottles

Homebrew Bottle Wall
handblown bottle bricks, wood, , silicone
84″ x 30″ x 72″



citizens oppose

Citizens Oppose
found note in frame
20.25″ x 16.5″

howard house write up

here is some substatial information, lifted from the howard house site:


But who you call your friends
And what you think is cold
It’s the nature of my soul
Sorry man,
I aint gonna be told
Let it all be.

Lookin for the blood
Of the White Man
Lookin for the day
When I can be an Indian
After all this time
I get my revenge
But I, I aint no Indian
I have to kill
With what I can

-Let it All Be, The Melvins

In 1960, during a visit to one of his bottling plants on the Caribbean island of Curacao, Alfred Heineken, the president of Heineken beer, saw two problems that, taken together, appeared to him as a single visionary solution. Heineken’s bottles, rather than being returned to the plant for reuse, were being thrown out, often on the streets of Curacao’s shantytowns. Taking Heineken’s recycling problem as the answer to a worldwide housing crisis, Heineken returned to Rotterdam and with architect John Habraken spent the next three years designing a “brick that holds beer”. Its ambition, absurd in its simplicity, would allow the world’s poorest to literally drink themselves into a new house. The resulting bottle, known as the World Bottle or WOBO, was a masterpiece of secondary-use design. Produced in an initial run of 100,000 bottles, the bottles were initially used to build test structures– summer cabins on the Heineken estate.

And that’s where the story ends. On the eve of releasing the WOBO onto their worldwide market, the Heineken marketing department killed the project, realizing the threat it posed to the brand’s identity. The remaining bottles sit in a Rotterdam warehouse, waiting for the future to arrive.

The bottle brick is an impossible object, an eternal icon of failure, a Platonic solid. And if an art exhibition is the kind of placeless place where we can rehearse the destruction of the world or at least the end of our own conciousness, then it’s the only place an object like this can exist, abstracted and functionless: “It is what it isť.” A ghost haunting our world, neither image nor object.

vonu movement

the brothers mentioned the ultra secretive vonu movement in regards to their piece below, a more phoenetically precise take on the roman alphabet.

vonu alphabet

VONU Alphabet
digital c-print, folded and framed
24″ x 36″

expect more on the vonu movement, thoreau and tax resistance. for now, i hope this will do:

terrocrat: a terrorist bureaucrat or coercive government agent


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