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brian coogan

April 21, 2008

coogan! cooooogan! cooogan!

support katrina refugees. brian coogan is a friend of the family-our dads went to school together. he is a great keyboardist based out of new orleans who, like most great new orleans musicians, rarely get out to the lameness that is the west coast. but he will be coming back to the tractor tavern with the maelstrom trio on may 29.

last year, he played with the stanton moore trio, the side project of galactic‘s drummer, and it was among the best two shows (see: cornelius) to come to seattle that year, for reasons other than that no hipsters were allowed in-a remarkable feat in seattle.

so get your fakes, your siblings id’s or your old fogey asses out for a real fun dance-able show, but not in the neumos-ish electro-pop bull shit way (see: the teenagers). a later post will surface as a reminder.

here he is,in the hat at the beginning of the clip,playing with the maelstrom trio. i apologize for the poor sound quality.

coogan’s myspace

coogan on wikipedia

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