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dirty projectors

April 18, 2008

thank you western vinyl

great show. out of gratitude, i am posting a few of the strongest words from rise above. i should mention the talent dave longstreth demonstrated in his guitar playing, seeing the finger picking live and hearing it played loud and raw revealed that he was not simply a studio guitarist. furthermore, his voice along with the two female vocalists were more pleasing than on the album. i was not disappointed by overproduction as i have been many times (hear: of montreal), and i feared to happen again-i often have little faith in the talent all too image-oriented scene that is “indie” music.

“rise above”

Society’s arms think they’re smart
I find satisfaction in what they’re lacking ’cause
We are born with a chance
And I’m gonna have my chance
Rise above

“thirsty and miserable”

My brother wants a ride
To the liquor store
You pity him
You pity him for what he wants it for

“spray paint (the walls)”

Oh, I gonna go wild and spray paint the walls…

life, is the disease

to susanna waiche: i like your voice, i like your violin bass, i like your red hat. you are intimidatingly cute.

rise above review at indy week

dirty projectors video at la blogoteque

check out “thirsty and miserable” on muxtape, and if you don’t have an account already, it is a good tool. plus, the design is real pleasing. the pace of the progression of creativity on the internet is staggering at times.

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